So you’ve finished university, and you’re thinking shit! What the hell am I’m gonna do now? Don’t worry you’re not alone. This is exactly how I feel.
What really sucks it the harsh reality that when we finish uni most of us don’t end up in the profession we studied. often enough some of us start to realise that our degree isn’t gonna amount to anything. I get that we study our asses of hoping that we’ll end up with an awesome job at the end, and for some people they do ( you lucky bastards) for other they don’t. Right now I’m one those who hasn’t yet.

For me it all comes down to a money thing, as where I live they don’t have any jobs that suit what I studied at University, which was Film and Television production and right now I’m stuck looking and working in very average jobs until I can get enough money to move out my hometown and to hopefully to London for a bit before me and my friend jet off to Canada ( Another story for another time)

At first this bothered me. It bothered me that people I went to university with are working for production companies and doing their thing ( at the same time I’m happy for them though).

Now I’m okay with this. Why? because I understand that to go places I need money. To get money I need to work no matter what the job (However sex work not included, stripping etc) and in my head I’ve told myself I’m gonna get at least three jobs and save as much as I can. Yeah It’s not gonna be easy, but I’ve set myself some goals and I’m gonna do my best to for fill them, as I am someone who has dreams and aspirations, and somehow or some way I’m gonna achieve them no matter what. ( I’m gonna try to make sure of it anyway)

But right now I’m pretty much stuck at home when I’m not working looking for other Jobs and getting really distracted by tumblr and YouTube and I’m okay with that, because somehow my time will come and the degree I have will come to some use. HOPEFULLY.

If your’e a graduate in the same predicament as me stay cool and be positive man. Good things will come in time.



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