I don’t define my sexuality

I remember when I was a teenager. I remember that being a teenager was that time of discovery and finding out who you were, and goddamn I had the hardest time.

I had the hardest time figuring out who I was attracted to and why I was attracted to them. In other words I was so confused about my sexuality, which isn’t uncommon when trying to figure out who you are.

I mean I knew I liked boys, but at the same time I liked girls and that made things even more confusing and had me very conflicted with my inner thoughts, and watching anything lesbian themed ( coff coff The L Word) didn’t really help, I mean yes I enjoyed watching it but in all honesty it made me even more confused ( also a really horny teenager)

For years I kept telling myself maybe I’m gay, but in the back of my head I still wanted to fuck guys and when I didn’t want to fuck guys I wanted to fuck girls.  For a while I would just tell people I was bisexual just so they could have a label to put to my sexuality, but I didn’t really like that label or even feel bisexual. I personally felt and feel like a PERSON WHO JUST LIKES PEOPLE. It was in that moment I realised why the fuck do I need to define my sexuality and being sexually fluid was okay.

It wasn’t until I reached university where I felt really comfortable about my sexuality for the first time.I felt free and people somehow assumed I wasn’t so straight which didn’t really bothered me as I didn’t need to explain anything.

What I’m trying to say is we live in a world where we always have to label everything, and I get that labels are sometimes really important but for me when It comes to my sexuality it isn’t. I wanna be someone who is free to love who ever without having my sexuality labelled, or even has to come out of the closest.

I do understand that labels in the LGBT community can be important as labelling yourself as gay or lesbian shows a sense of pride and who you are and thats cool, but its not for me.


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