Often enough I’ll read LGBT articles on the internet and they sometimes cover bisexual topics. After I’ve read the article I quickly scroll to the comments and I am really shocked by the biphobic comments. I really don’t understand how a community that has been fighting for equal rights for so long and against discrimination can be so discriminative to people apart of their own community.

It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Yes some gays and lesbians have had what they would call horrible experiences with bisexuals, but at the end of the day if you’re gay how can you judge someone else’s sexuality when you’ve fought so hard to defend yours. ( some people still are)

I mean a community should be people banding together and standing strong against anyone that dislikes them or fights against them.They shouldnt be bashing people apart of their own community.

I had watched a show recently called Chasing Life and one of the Characters Brenna is bisexual and decided to join and LGBT group at her school. When the kids find out she is bisexual they treat her differently and not nicely. Which upsets Brenna.

However what I liked is how Brenna handled it  and how she brought up stereotypes that gays and lesbian don’t like i.e who’s the girl in the relationship and who’s the man and they were so offended by it.They were offended by the fact that someone was stereotyping them and degrading their sexuality which is no different than what they did to her. She was just giving them a piece of their own medicine, and  I think Chasing life did a great job of portraying biphobia and how big of an issue it really is.

I mean I’m not defending every bisexual as I’m sure some of them fall into  the stereotype gays and lesbian emphasise on (same with gays and lesbians) and use it as an excuse to dislike bisexuals, but still who gives a fuck if someone’s  bisexual l mean  you can’t choose who you’re attracted to no matter how hard you try and fight against it. If someone is being their authentic self their sexuality and how it affects you shouldn’t matter

This just highlights the idea of hierarchies in communities and how one group is always lower than the other I.e trans people and bisexuals. I mean its suppose to be THE LGBT COMMUNITY. No matter  what your sexuality is in the community you all should still be fighting for and standing up for the rights of  everyone apart of that community and  not making one group feel inadequate.

I personal don’t do labels as I’ve said in a previous post, but if you’re bisexual don’t let biphobia put you down. Be proud of your sexuality and embrace it.


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