A letter To My Younger Self

Dear younger Self

Firstly I’m gonna just tell you, you turn out awesome. Fuck what other say people.

There will be times when you feel low or not good enough, but stay and think positively, because a positive mind is happy a happy mind and a happy mind is a positive life, and you’ll learn that positivity is the way forward.

Love. The one thing you try to shut out. Don’t. Love no matter what form it comes in, is gonna play a big part in you’re life so let it in sooner rather than later even if it hurts, because from pain we learn.Secondly it’s not important if everyone doesn’t like you so quit wanting them to. If they don’t like you it’s there loss at getting to know  the amazing person you are and that’s something you need to understand.

Also allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling when you’re feeling it. Don’t bottle things up and keep them to yourself. Talk about it no matter how hard it is( thats what she said), because talking about how you feel is gonna help you along the way.

From a  young age you’re gonna realise you passion for writing. Most writers are always in their head and let me tell you 90% of the time you will be. FUCKING CUT THAT SHIT OUT. The more you’re in your head the more you over think things and get worked up, but be calm and stay chilled out.

Make sure you  allow yourself to do and say what you want without feeling guilty.(HAVE MORE OF A NO FUCKS GIVEN ATTITUDE)

Also don’t let how you feel about someone cloud your’e judgement. You’re gonna end up liking people even thinking you may be in love with them, (IT’S JUST A LAME CRUSH) but that’s not the case because some of them won’t see you the way you see them, and you need to allow yourself to be distant yourself from them. Yes it’s hard but with time you’ll learn.

In the end I just wanna say believe in your abilities and don’t second guess yourself. Enjoy the life you have to the fullest surrounded by people who are dear to you. Ultimately it is love and positivity you need keep in mind

Love from the older and much cooler you

me young


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