Black Girl, White World

Growing up I knew that I had to work harder than most people firstly because I’m a woman,but secondly I’m a BLACK WOMAN.

As a kid I hated the idea  that because I was black things weren’t going be so easy for me. It made me think why did I have to be black ( on top of that people couldn’t pronounce my last name properly) but as I got older and achieved things I realised I shouldn’t let the colour of my skin get in my way of achieving greatness even if others  did and to this day I try my hardest to prove to people I am good enough and the colour of my skins shouldn’t matter, however we live in a world where White traditions and thinking are a big part of society.

I mean people often wonder why I don’t vote. I generally say I don’t really care and they tell me that I can’t complain when a shitty party is chosen which is understandable, but I don’t see anyone in Parliament who could remotely understand my background being a young black woman who doesn’t come from a  rich background, and  my opinion  is that  these white people or should I say MEN  in parliament only care about White Issues and White People ( but I could be wrong who knows)

It’s the same with the media industry. I mean when I was at University studying film, which is  obviously dominated by guys I had moments where I realised yes it’s gonna be hard for me because I’m a woman but then I realised for the other females on my course who were mainly white they would have a more easier time than I would because of the colour of their skin. Some may disagree with me but that is how I felt when I started off on the course, but now I tell myself I’m gonna be the first British BLACK SHONDA RHIMES and be a badass and own tv aha.

This also relates to relationship. Often enough I thought people that I liked ( Who were mainly white, but I love all race) wouldn’t really be interested in me because no one really takes black beauty into consideration. We live in a world where white beauty is constantly praised everywhere we look. I  mean I’ve been lucky as a white guy has never come up to me and said you’re pretty for a black girl. I MEAN WHY IS THAT EVEN A THING. Don’t they realise how offensive it is?

But oddly enough people have been interested and I’ve been really confused and shocked. I mean there’s a nice pretty white girl over there with long blonde hair why are you interested in me. I mean the last guy who was interested in me could have been a model ( but then I realise its not always about looks. Not to say that I’m ugly or anything)

My point is we’re never gonna get away from this white ideal.  No matter how hard I work or whatever I do somehow the colour of my skin is gonna be an issue because that the way the world work but as a YOUNG, STRONG and DETERMINED BLACK FEMALE I’m not gonna let this stop me from being the best I can be even when it can be difficult at time.

I wanna dedicate this to all my black sisters out there. Peace and Love Man.


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