You’re a Doctor Fix Me

So this is a minor overview of something I’ve been dealing with for a while.

So when I was born I had a few complications. Hell I wasn’t even suppose to live, but here I am writing this piece. Any who my point is, growing up I tended to get ill quite a bit. I mean they were illnesses that would go away with the right medication and what not. As I was an active person that also helped with trying to maintain a healthy life on the physical side of things.

Things changed when I turned 16. I started having really bad abdominal pains and needing to pee a lot. At this time I didn’t know what a UTI was so when I was told that’s what was causing my discomfort and I need to take antibiotics I was like okay cool. GIVE ME THE DRUGS.

So I took the antibiotics, and for  a week I was okay until my symptoms came back, and this started my annoying ON and OFF AGAIN relationship with the doctors office. I literally had to keep going back and telling them my antibiotics aren’t working ( side note doctors should really explain to patients that antibiotic intake can destroy the good bacteria in your body leading to more problem)

Ultimately at this point the amount of times I’ve pissed  in a pot is ridiculous. I’m surprised I have any pee left ( but with my symptoms my bladder is constantly full, as it turns out I don’t have a UTI anymore or so my result says)

So right now my symptoms have worsened,  and it’s been 5 years and some progress not a lot has been made. However I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve had enough of seeing doctors faces, but I need them to fix me because my symptoms are making it hard for me to live my life properly. Like right now as I write this I can’t stop thinking about how badly I need to pee and the constant abdominal isn’t helping either.

So hopefully soon a doctor can figure out what’s up with me and fix me because at this point I really am starting to lose faith in the health system.

And if you’re someone going through the same thing try to stay positive. Much Love


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