I love Woman

This is gonna be short, but sweet:

I had a conversation with a friend today about inspiration and people that inspire us and she made an interesting observation in which she couldn’t think of one man that inspires her, and I agreed with her. Woman just inspire me and that’s how it is and how it’s always been.

I mean maybe it’s because there aren’t many males in my life ( that was a different thing when I was a kid, most of my friends were boys. oh how things have change) but I look at every female that has walked in and out of my life and at some point they have inspired me, and I never felt like that when it came to a man, and literally if I had the chance to choose my gender I would choose to be a female no matter what, because I love being a woman and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I mean it’s not to say that I won’t meet a guy that could inspire the hell out of me, but right now I’m  for woman and about woman. Woman doing good or just being themselves makes me happy and inspires me so much.

Like  we are  living in a world where shows like Orange is the new Black is dominated by females on and off screen and for me  I get so excited by this as  it has given  me more females to be inspired by ( I’m talking about you Laverne Cox)

So to any woman out there doing their thing and being amazing I have so much love and respect for you and continue to inspire those around you especially young girls, because you’re making a different in their lives by being their inspiration


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