I’ve had enough of America – The Virginia Shooting

I don’t even know where to start with this  horrific tragedy, and my condolences goes out to the families of Alison Parker and Adam Ward the two victims who died in the shooting.

Something about this shooting has really affected  me deeply, If I’m being really honest it has also really disturbed me. Maybe It was the fact it was live on tv for all of America to witness. Something about that is unsettling. Knowing people were sitting in their house watching the news then suddenly watching a shooting take place. Watching two lives get taken. I mean to think this is the world we live in.

It seems with America when it comes to gun crime and gun control things just seem to be getting worse, and more  and more innocent people keep losing their lives.

Right now  this incident gives me a sort of disgust towards America a country I so greatly admired, and with this tragedy it really highlight how no one is really safe in the country. Yes I understand that no one is truly safe, but as humans we have to feel that if we step outside today that some part us will be safe to a point. However when I look at America and all the craziness going on if I lived there I’d never wanna leave my house.(TRUE FACT)

And with guns which are suppose to be for protection I think to myself how many people actually use a gun for protection in America. Yes you have the odd few who do buy a gun for protection, but most get guns because they know it makes them powerful and it gives them the ability to strike fear in people or send a message.The shooter Vester Lee Flanagan did just that.

In a recent post I had read about  the shooting  Flanagan seemed to do this out of revenge due to racism and also the Charleston shooting. Reading this just made me angry because two wrongs don’t make a right, but Flanagan achieved what he wanted. He made news, and has people talking about the incident and his actions. I mean the Mad man even filmed it which says a lot with what he wanted to get out of this tragedy.

I just hope America can get their gun issues under control because something like this shouldn’t have happened. To many lives keep being lost to guns.


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