Lexa’s Death(What the fuck Jason)

So I didn’t know if I was gonna write anything about last weeks episode of the 100, but here we are.

So last week the commander of the grounders Lexa was killed off the show sparking fans like me to be outraged. What had fans completely annoyed about Lexa death was that she was a representation of the LGBT community and all to often LGBT character are killed off move than their hetro counter parts.

Previously the show have been praised for its treatment of race and sexuality, and how progressive the show was especially since the lead Clarke is bisexual.

What annoys me about the show runner Jason Rothenberg is how he gave fans hope for Clarke and Lexa, giving us slow burning moments that’s were acted beautifully, but all crammed into seven episodes  and when Lexa and Clarke finally have their moment together fans have been waiting for, shortly after Lexa’s killed off, and if we take out all the Clexa stuff in this episode I do think the episode was written well, but the  Clexa stuff not so much as it felt rushed but once again the actors played their parts beautifully.

I understand that tv can’t always be  perfect and some tragedy has to occur but it always seem to be LGBT characters that suffer the most,and to me this trope of the dead lesbian is becoming all so tiresome. I mean it’s so easy to make a list of lesbian characters that have died on TV.  In a time where television is so progressive you expect that this trope would come to an end, however the cycle seem to be never ending and heteronormativity is still pushed down viewers throats, and now the faith I once had in Jason is gone as  I fear that Clarke (even though bisexual ) will end up with Bellamy, which is something I said I didn’t want to see as I found their relationship to be more of a brother sister bond , but if they did get together in the future then I’d have to deal with that, but now after the treatment of Lexa and also Clarke actually who seems to lose everything and everyone, to see Clarke with Bellamy would actually disgust me (something I thought I’d never say because I don’t hate Bellarke, I just don’t see it) if anything if Clarke had to be with a man I’d rather it be another male character and not Bellamy.

Furthemore I’ve seen a lot of people compare Lexa’s death to Tara death from Buffy, and it easy to see the comparison as they were both killed by bullets meant for other people.

Even though it sucked that Tara died as a writer I live for character development and the way Willow’s character developed and tapped into her dark side I would say was rather interesting and in all honesty was my favourite plot from season 6 as it was exciting  to see Alyson Hannigan go really dark, but again an LGBT character had to suffer for this development just like Jason talks about how Lexa death had to happen to give us more background into the grounder history and the way commanders are chosen. In other words her death moved the story along (insert inverted comma’s)

To me a character death doesn’t alway need to happen to move a story along. Writers have the ability to still write tragedies without killing a character off however some writers and I say some very loosely can’t avoid characters deaths, but I think Jason could have avoided this one.

In all honesty Clarke and  Lexa’s relationship was the main thing of this season that really had me hooked. As I really wanted to see how their reunion played out especially after Lexa betrayed Ckarke in the last season, but seeing them in scenes togethers isn’t why I’m going to miss Lexa. what I’m going to miss is seeing Alycia playing the character and seeing what she brought to the show as Lexa.

Despite this lose and outrage I still will watch The 100 as the actors on the show are brilliant and hold the show together amazingly, but this whole experience has made me realise why people don’t have faith in show runners something I never had a problem with before, and yes you can’t always please fans but don’t say shit and queer bait to get people to watch your show because like I said tv has become so progressive just as fans have and they can see through the bullshit these days that show runners try to feed them.

The last thing I want to say though is roll on the next season of Fear the Walking dead aha.







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