In Between Us

So I am a massive lover of online content and I especially love to watch web series. I always tell myself If I don’t end up writing for Television then maybe the internet, and hopefully one day produce my own web series.

Especially living in the UK I haven’t seen my web series or watched many that have been strong especially when dealing with LGBT characters, in comparison to the great stuff Canadian’s are producing these days such as Carmilla, Teenagers and Out With Dad.

( I live for KindaTV Right and what they’re doing)

So I’m gonna do something crazy, Something I’m nervous to do, but we’ll see how it goes,and that is to upload Scripts of a 10 episode web series I’m writing ( Hopefully one day I’ll have the resources to produce it)

So the web series is called In Between Us and it follows half sister’s Morgan, Kara and their best friend AJ trying to navigate the complications of Love and Life as LGBT people.

The two major conflicts of the series comes when Morgan a commitment phobe start to have feelings for Kara’s new girlfriend Shauna. Morgan has never felt this way about any woman before, I mean her longest relationship was a month. She  tries everything in her power to avoid her feelings, but since they’re true feelings for another person it’s not so easy for her to avoid them as much as she wants to, but she has to especially since it is her sisters girlfriend and Morgan would never do anything to hurt Kara.

While AJ is dealing with the pressure his boyfriend Christoph is giving him to come out to his Mother, but things aren’t so simple when you come from a black conservative Christian family, and this creates complication for AJ and Christoph’s relationship.

So what I’m proposing to do is upload each written episode for anyone who is interested to read.

Look out for the first script  upload hopefully in a few weeks and if you’re reading this tell me what you think.

Peace Out


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