Why I write…

Just small little thing on writing I thought I’d share.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved writing. As kid you go through  so many ideas of what you wan’t to be when you grow up. I mean I went from wanting to be an author, to an architect to and athlete, but some how I ended up still wanting to be a writer,but for film and television, as I realised I loved film and tv and also writing so why not combine the two.

For me writing isn’t just about expressing my creativity. It’s like a sanctuary to me. A safe place where I can forget about my worries and express my emotions and feelings through characters. As it’s something I don’t do much of in my real life.

And through my writing I always end up learning something about myself whether it be good or bad.

I write whenever I feel lost or worried or just need a distraction that turns into this great project ( that no one else will probably ever see). It’s something that calms me down and makes me feel better and at peace with myself, creating a good vibe within. Something I highly appreciate when living life.

For me even though I’m  a small time writer with no recognition at all, who is still trying to find their flow I never want to give it up. It’s something I love dearly, as it’s a huge part of the person I am today, and even if I’m not greatest  It’s always gonna be apart of me. And  hopefully someday the words I write are seen and people are moved by them, as I feel everyone deserved to be moved by a piece of writing they can connect to and find understanding in, as I have found through so many written words that have moved me.



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