Music Top 5: 19/03/16

So I’m a Lover of Music and I thought I’d  do a top 5 every Saturday hopefully, of songs I’m really feeling right now.

So here is goes

Number 1:Zara Larsson and MNEK -Never Forget You

Had this on repeat lately. I love MNEK voice on it and I’m loving the beat. Deffo my jam right now.


Number 2:  k.s Rhoads – Orphaned

I heard this on the trailer for a new Canadian Show called You, Me Her. It gives me the happy feels and  I’ve been loving it since.


Number 3: Zayn- Like I would

Zayn has no chill. Loving what he is doing with his music,and I love this one.


Number 4: MAX – Wrong

Sexy video, Sexy guy. Sick beat. Nuff said.


Number 5: Ruelle – War Of Hearts

I literally loving anything by Ruelle and the lyrics in this song really speak to me and it also has this epic feel to it that I love.


So that is for music I’m really feeling this week. Comment and tell me what music you’re really feeling at the moment.

Peace out.


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