#GayMediaSoWhite – My problem with White LGBT representation

One thing I love about twitter is how an important issue can be raised with just a simple hashtag, and over the past few days I have seen  #gaymediasowhite and it is something I’m glad is being talked about, because it’s something I have had an issue with for some time.

Growing up I thought it was so cool when I saw LGBT representation on Tv instead of the standard hetronormative couple you see on every station you flicked through. #Yawn

it was just so nice to see that representation as it allowed me to make sense of my feelings and own sexuality (something I dont label) and seeing it I never thought it was odd or different. It just felt normal for me to see.

I think the first LGBT characters that really caught my eye were Tara and Willow, and once again it wasn’t weird to see that Willow who was with Oz was now with Tara. I just saw it as Willow just loves Tara and Tara loves Willow.  I didn’t really understand the politics of it all and what that meant to a lot of people at the time, but it was just awesome to see.

But as time has progressed and I’ve become more aware of  LGBT politics and media representations I’m actually tired with this white representation we see of the LGBT community, because  big news the LGBT community isn’t just WHITE.

So in my head  when an LGBT character is introduced two things run through my mind, oh they’re probably gonna die either at the end of this season or great another white LGBT couple or character for the millionth time. I mean don’t get me wrong love is love no matter the race but it would be nice to see more LGBT POC relationships on mainstream tv because they do exist, and isn’t some part of tv about telling the truth and reflecting reality ( well in my eyes anyway).

I am thankful for shows like  Six Feet Under, The Fosters, Greys Anatomy, Empire and Sense8 that do have LGBT POC characters that aren’t just background characters, and have stories that matter and are important.

I mean it’s crazy to think that within  a group known to be a minority that POCs are still treated like lower class citizens when it comes to any sort of representation or coverage.

And  most of the time their stories have to be so tragic to get any sort of recognition or mention, which isn’t fair as not every LGBT POC story is tragic, and often enough it’s hard to find a positive LGBT POC story in the media in comparison to SOME white LGBT  storylines. ( however not all white LGBT characters have happy positive storylines either, coff coff The 100 and most recently The Vampire Diaries)

This is why I want to be a creator. To create LGBT stories that represent POC in the right way, but also showing the media that one community isn’t iust made up of one race of people who are constantly represented the majority of the time in most media outlets.

The LGBT community is a colourful and vibrant community that is full of so many races that deserves t0 be noticed more but aren’t, and I think this all stems back to the idea of white privilege, and no matter the groups or community the white people  within those groups  will have it some what easier than its POC, however I’m not trying to say that white LGBT people have it easy at all. ( because figuring out your sexuality isn’t easy) I’m trying to say the media allows them more representation incomparison to people of colour.

this may be a ramble but it is something I needed to say.





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