Racial issues and university

Something I’ve been wanting to talk about


The one thing about this country that bothers me is how silent the racism can be. As I’m someone of colour I’m always stuck wondering whether someone is treating me a certain way because of the colour of my skin, or when I walk into a shop why is the security guard sniffing around me like I’m ready to steal and run.

Now I’m not gonna lie when I got into university back in 2012 I was anxious because I had never heard of the univeristy or  really knew much about the town is was situated in, so I was worried it was gonna be mainly all white people which would have made me really uncomfortable not because I don’t like white people but because I always seem to end up being the only black person within a group which still kinda happened at some point, however my university was very diverse despite most of my lecturers and class being mainly white ( and male), but I really didn’t experience any sort of racism or feelings of racial tension, but  sometimes being the only black person around most of the time there were moments where I felt odd and out of place or like the token black person , especially when I would be surrounded by my football teammates and they would be listening to the lastest hip hop music and the N word would come up and someone would just say it.  Did I feel uncomfortable? Yes because I was the only black person on the team, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I mean at the end of the day they’re only singing lyrics to a song, but like I said I never experience any racial problems at my university, but many students in this country have at their universities, and  a lot of these universities ( especially those that are highly ranked and full of really  rich white kids) tend to not want to deal with this situation or push it aside or don’t understand the issue the way you think and know they should.

Now my sister goes to a pretty good ranked University that I won’t name…

…SYKE. Of course I’m gonna name it. I’m gonna write it in CAPS, because  these universities need to be exposed .

So my sister goes to DURHAM UNIVERSITY . Did you guys get that?  If not I’ll say it again. DURHAM UNIVERSITY.

So my sister is the educational type and wants to get the best out of her education, so why not go to a top university, but in her time there she has really experienced some really messed up situations and told me certain things about the way some lecturers treat some of their student of colour ( primarily black students) but along with this also is the issues of classism. Which makes  a lot of the students at her uni blind and ignorant to issues to do with racism especially when speaking to a black girl coming from a working class single parent household.

The worst part of it all is when my sister tells me there’s no point telling anyone at the uni because they probably won’t understand or do anything. Which is wrong. No student should feel like they shouldn’t  be able to talk to an authority figure at their uni and know  they won’t be listened  to or taken seriously, but because of silent racism and how it’s so hard to identify, growing up as a POC you’re subject to thinking people don’t care about you’re issues or you’re being dramatic and everyone assumes “you’re making the issue about race when it isn’t”, but people who say this are often people who will never experience racism ever in  their life time, and to experience this especially at uni where’s they says it’s the best three years of your life should never be allowed to happen.

I mean for a student experiencing this sort of stuff it must be really  hard for them when they want to do something about the issue but knowing and feeling though they don’t even  have the support from the university  they pay heaps of money to.

I mean at the end of the day my university wasn’t the greatest but at least my experience didn’t suck, at least I didn’t have to worry about people being racist to me in or outside of class, or feel any racial divides that many students at university face especially at top ranking school.

And I think if we don’t look at the university systems and politics from within this issues is only going to continue.









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