I Like Sex #ImNotASlut

I like sex. I like having sex.Its great ( when it’s done right) and safely. I mean I think about sex probably 70% of the time, but we live in a society and world that paints this idea that woman who like having a lot of sex, or have had many sexual partners are sluts, whereas men can sleep with who ever they want and not have any judgement thrown at them,once again showing the inequality woman have to face daily.

I mean literally I can remember in school, when I would over hear conversations about some girls who had done a few sexual things with different guys or whatever and a few people would call them sluts, many of those people also being girls which is interesting, as no girl or woman is safe from the word slut, so why as a woman  use it as a  slur for another woman when you could easily be the one being called a slut.

And in a world where  young woman are so impressionable at a young age they are learning and being taught this idea that wanting to explore their sexuality and be sexually active is  a bad thing, when in reality its not. Yes I understand that sex can be can be complicated and things like pregnancy can happen, but sex isn’t only about pro creation, but also pleasure and why as a woman can’t we experience as much pleasure as we want.

I mean if you are a young girl reading this or female who likes being sexually active don’t feel bad or allow society to bring you down just because you like having a lot of sex because news flash woman like sex just as much as men and we shouldn’t be oppressed or feel bad just because we do. I mean men don’t get to feel bad about it. Why should we.




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