We Are Orlando


Sunday  night I sat in a taxi. My mom and two sisters were there. I sat between my two sisters at the back. The radio played fairly loud,and on it they were talking about the Orlando Shooting.

Most of that day we had been watching news coverage of the tragedy so my emotions were already running high. So as I sat in the taxi I could feel tears starting to form as I listened to the radio. I hate crying in front of people so I did my best to hold them back.

My heart is heavy knowing that 50 people full of life, and love were taken senselessly  away from their families and loved one because of their sexuality.  Its huge reminder that the LGBT community is never safe, even in a place where they could go to be themselves. A place where they celebrating who they are, but as you start to realise no place is safe.

In all honesty I’ve been struggling to find the words to type, because I’m still trying to make sense of the tragedy  and I’m still  full of sadness, and what adds more to this hurt and sadness is that just a few days before this shooting the singer Christina Grimmie was also shot dead.

It’s crazy to think we live in a world where we have to worry whether we’re gonna make it through the day, because there are so many evil people taking other human lives on a daily basis, especially in America where they can obtain a gun so easily and use it for  whatever purpose they want.

Yesterday and today I sat reading and listening to all the names of the victims, and my eyes yet again filled with tears, as many of them were around my age and a bit older,  It always makes me angry when I see young lives been taken especially those who are people are colour, which many of the victims were. Their potential, goals and lives were taken away from them because of hatred.

Honestly America use to be a place I would have loved to have called home, but in the back of my mind I think just living in America means putting yourself in danger as more and more people are using guns to hurt others. I mean when will it end.

Ultimately I pray America takes a massive look at gun control and background checks, because to many innocent people are dying.

My thoughts are with Orlando and the families and friends of all the victims and people injured in this tragedy. I hope one day with can live in world with peace and harmony.




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