Why I Started My Youtube Channel

Just a quick thing.

Youtube. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It’s a site that is full of many wonders and amazing content, but also it can be quite problematic sometimes.

However with all this being said, last year I decided to venture into the world of youtube and start vlogging.


Well mainly because I want to become more confident, and I thought talking about random things to a camera would help me with that, I mean why wouldn’t it.

And Yes, Slowly it is helping.

However another factor into why I started vlogging is because  I find youtube can be a very white space sometimes, and if I’m being honest I don’t know many well known British youtubers  of colour who also identify as queer or LGBT ( sidenote I don’t really label myself, but 70% of the time, my gay is showing). I want to try and change that.

Now I haven’t ventured into talking about my own sexuality on my channel yet, but I want, just in my own time.So for now I just react to things and talk about other subjects going on in my life.

Furthermore making videos makes me happy. Often enough I get into a bad headspace sometimes, and I need something to focus on, to make me feel better,and vlogging has helped me.

Now what I post may not be for everyone, but I’m  learning and growing, and with any of my videos I want to reach someone that looks like me, especially in this country. Hoping whatever I post gives them enjoyment, but also allows them to see someone they can connect with.

So here is a link to my channel. Take a look around. Like /Subscribe.

But also remember to be kind.







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