What’s Wrong With Me?????

Oh I cannot wait for 2016 to be over. This year hasn’t been great. There has been a lot of personal thing’s I have been dealing  with, and also some other stuff.

Now as someone who has struggled with highs and low, I have had days where I’m fine one minute, and then not so great the next.

I often wonder what’s wrong with me? Why do I feel so worthless sometimes, even though I try to stay positive and be happy. The negatives thoughts seem to come back, and just stay there, playing on my mind on a loop. I keep constantly asking myself why do I feel like this? Why do these negative thoughts keep popping up?

In the past I’ve just let these thoughts  stay there until they disappear, and they do, and for a couple of weeks or even months I feel happy, I feel great,but then something snaps inside me and then those thoughts come back, and I’m clouded with this depression and negativity. I mean I don’t want to feel like this, and everyday this year has become a struggle and battle to stay  positive.

Now the new year is almost upon us, and all I can think to myself is, I hope it’s better than this year, I hope what  awaits for me in 2017 can help me with my battle and inner demons, because I want to feel free, and this  year I haven’t feel much of that.



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